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Dollop 2024 Planner (Digital)

Dollop 2024 Planner (Digital)

Dollop by Vicki

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Feeding your family in 2024 just got a whole lot easier.

Introducing the 2024 Dollop Meal Planner, the kitchen companion made to help you answer the eternal question: “What’s for dinner?

What’s a year with Dollop look like?

  • Less panic runs to the shops
  • Less money wasted on said panic runs
  • Less food thrown out because no one wanted it anyway
  • MORE organisation in your fridge, freezer and pantry
  • MORE confidence in your kitchen
  • MORE time and brain space for you and the people you love to eat with
  • And of course, dinner on the table every. single. night of the year!

Ready to cross “figure out what’s for dinner” off your mental checklist? Download your digital or print-at-home copy now, and I’ll show you how a little time planning will save you
a LOT of time and worry!

Your copy will be available for download instantly.  If you are purchasing the editable version – please see HERE for instructions.

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  • What’s Inside Your Planner?

    • Side-by-side weekly diary and meal plan pages to organise your week and your dinners (late meeting Wednesday? Get the slow cooker out. Footy on Friday night? Gotta be steak sandwiches)
    • Seasonal meal inspo and produce guides
    • All the best food days of the year (because if the calendar says it's World Pizza Day, we’re not arguing with it)
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    This product can be used by the purchaser and the purchaser only and may not be shared or redistributed, in part or in whole, in any way.This product may not be used for commercial purposes without express written consent of Dollop by Vicki.

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Love Notes

I like the motivation it gives me to organise myself on a weekend for the week ahead.
I've spent so much time stressing / being annoyed that no one else in my house can make any suggestions or sort what we're having for dinner and it's all on me.
So now we all have the conversations on the weekend about what we are going to have during the week for dinners. Then hubby can start prepping stuff when he's home from work first.
And the kids actually look forward to eating the dinners they've suggested - rather than me telling them what they're having and they don't want it.


Vicki has nailed this planner, a one stop shop for meal planning, organising life, shopping lists… inspo for meals & recipes! The look and feel of this planner is incredible, the photos kinda make you want to lick the page! If you haven’t already, I’d recommend getting one


The Dollop 2023 planner is like nothing I’ve seen before. It’s a useful, practical tool that’s designed to take the frustration out of deciding what to eat for dinner each night. With helpful tips and an easy to use layout, it’s a must have! Excited to get going with my 2023 meal planning now


Yay!!! It arrived! I love it! You've taken all the 'thinking' out for me so I can just get on with cooking. Genius


OMG it is beyond amazing.


The Planner is definitely going to make our family life easier next year having our calendar and meal planner all in one, perfectly aligned!Love your monthly meal plan suggestions and that it is all thought out with the seasons and seasonal produce in mind! 👌


I've been looking through mine all morning 🥰


Absolutely love my planner…takes the mental load out of deciding what to eat every day! Flexible enough to accommodate my family’s food preferences too


It's well thought out and inspiring.


"Obsessed with my 2023 Dollop Planner. It has everything you could think of." / "The recipes are delicious too, I can't wait to try them"