• Baileys Tiramisu Cheesecake

    Baileys quite often bring out different flavours and this one was just begging to be made into a dessert. Soft-textured as a nod to it's inspiration (rather than a "well-set" cheesecake), this is delicious and rich and simple to make. With a very more-ish chocolate base, it's easy to substitute your own mix of espresso and regular Baileys (or omit the Baileys if you wish).

    Recipe here.

  • Easy Chocolate Mousse

    The Classics are so for a reason! Chocolate mousse is oh so simple to make, and of course should be made ahead, which I love when entertaining!

    Recipe here.

  • Fruit Crumble

    I absolutely love using seasonal fruit whenever I can. That makes this dessert easily adaptable for all seasons. It's also a great way to use up any seasonal fruit you may have that's no longer good for eating fresh. A great dessert to make ahead and can be served with any combination of cream, ice cream and / or custard.

    Recipe here.

  • Mango, Lime, Coconut & White Chocolate Trifle

    Bright and fresh and a definite show-stopper for your Christmas table or any Summer celebration really!

    Trifle is the ultimate do-ahead dessert and definitely tastes better if left to infuse for a day.

    Recipe here.

  • Trifle Jars

    These are just so cute! While you can make as much as you like from scratch, good-quality store-bought makes this super fast to put together. Plus you can make these ahead of time.

    Making them in jars means they're easily transportable - just perfect for year-end outdoor functions!

    Recipe here.