The 2024 Dollop Meal Planner has arrived!

What's For Dinner? The Dollop Meal Planner has the answer.....

Designed to organise your week and your food in one easy place, the 2024 Dollop Meal Planner is now available here for only $24 (and a discount for subscribers to the Dollop Table Newsletter too).

Offering you a simple system that you can adapt to your family, the Planner will help you save precious time and money; and ease that mental load.

Stay connected through my social media & newsletters; I'll be sharing suggested meal plans, recipes, tips and tricks, special occasion menus and more.

Available now in digital or print-at-home format.

Afternoon Tea Inspiration

One of my favourite meals, perfect for pretty much any occasion, with lots of beautifully presented food, tea and the chance to catch up with friends and family.

I've created some super simple & delicious recipes to make it nice and easy for you.

Check out your free download here.

  • Sweet Potato, Capsicum & Feta Frittata

    Make for brunch, lunch, dinner or something substantial at your afternoon tea.

    A great one to make for easy leftovers for lunch!

  • Finger Sandwiches

    Use fresh bread generously buttered and good quality ingredients. Roast beef, turkey and classic chicken.

  • Easy Tarts

    Even Jamie Oliver says life is too short to make your own pastry! My trio of easy tarts makes use of store-bought, and some easy fillings too! Fruit custard; chocolate, caramel & peanut; and quick-as lemon meringue.

  • Brown sugar, strawberries and sour cream

    My MIL calls this a "taste sensation" and she's not wrong! You can simply dip the strawberries whole, or present like this for a different more fancy looking twist!

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Free Download: 10 Ways with Leftover Chicken

One of the most versatile foods to have in the kitchen, leftover chicken is the gift that keeps on giving! Download 10 Ways with Leftover Chicken now for some easy inspiration!

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Love Notes

I like the motivation it gives me to organise myself on a weekend for the week ahead.
I've spent so much time stressing / being annoyed that no one else in my house can make any suggestions or sort what we're having for dinner and it's all on me.
So now we all have the conversations on the weekend about what we are going to have during the week for dinners. Then hubby can start prepping stuff when he's home from work first.
And the kids actually look forward to eating the dinners they've suggested - rather than me telling them what they're having and they don't want it.


Vicki has nailed this planner, a one stop shop for meal planning, organising life, shopping lists… inspo for meals & recipes! The look and feel of this planner is incredible, the photos kinda make you want to lick the page! If you haven’t already, I’d recommend getting one


The Dollop 2023 planner is like nothing I’ve seen before. It’s a useful, practical tool that’s designed to take the frustration out of deciding what to eat for dinner each night. With helpful tips and an easy to use layout, it’s a must have! Excited to get going with my 2023 meal planning now


Yay!!! It arrived! I love it! You've taken all the 'thinking' out for me so I can just get on with cooking. Genius


OMG it is beyond amazing.


The Planner is definitely going to make our family life easier next year having our calendar and meal planner all in one, perfectly aligned!Love your monthly meal plan suggestions and that it is all thought out with the seasons and seasonal produce in mind! 👌


I've been looking through mine all morning 🥰


Absolutely love my planner…takes the mental load out of deciding what to eat every day! Flexible enough to accommodate my family’s food preferences too


It's well thought out and inspiring.


"Obsessed with my 2023 Dollop Planner. It has everything you could think of." / "The recipes are delicious too, I can't wait to try them"


Hi, I'm Vicki!

I am the extremely proud mum of 2 and a happy (ok sometimes grumpy) wife.  My training is about as far from cooking as it gets (I was an accountant). But I've always loved cooking.

I've cooked for as long as I can remember - whether helping my Hungarian grandmother schnitzel the chicken, watching Dad work the BBQ and Mum in the kitchen (hours spent sitting on the kitchen bench) - and now my absolute love of reading cookbooks- and watching cooking shows!

I created Dollop to save you time and decision overwhelm in the kitchen. The Dollop Planner is created to help make the cooking decisions easier, to save you time thinking about what to cook and to make meal planning fun and easy!

So come on, pull a chair up and join the Dollop table, we would love to have you!


Need some inspiration? Her's your go-to for meal ideas!