Snacks & Nibbles

  • Cocktail Food: 3 Easy Bites

    Quick, easy and tasty entertaining options to go with your next catch-up!

    Recipe here.

  • Cheesy Filo Triangles

    Layers of crispy filo pastry filled with a mix of cheese and fresh herbs, watch these when they come out of the oven for mysteriously vanishing. 

    Recipe here.

  • Classic Prawn Cocktail

    This is a retro classic, and a classic for good reason. Bright and fresh pairs well with bubbles!

    Recipe here.

  • The Grazing Board

    Oh so popular and it
    doesn't have to be overly fancy either.  Even just a camembert with honeycomb on top is perfect!  Bring the board / dishes / cheese knives to make the host's life easier. 

    My guide to the ultimate grazing board can be found here.

  • Hummus

    My Dad's recipe and an absolute staple. Serve with flatbread or vegetable sticks. Lasts well too!

    Recipe here.

  • Mini Quiches

    Good for anything anywhere anytime!  Play dates (catch ups when they're older), lunchboxes, cheeseboards - you name it. 

    Recipe here.

  • Puff Pastry Twists

    Good for after school or cooked first thing in the morning for the lunchboxes. The recipe here includes the ever-classic vegemite and cheese, but also some variations for pizza twists, or spinach and ricotta.  These go quick as they smell amazing!

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