Welcome to Dollop!

Welcome to Dollop!

What's for dinner? What's for lunch?  I'm hungry.  

While sometimes it's something of a first world problem, the question of food can take up an awful lot of time, and mental energy.

I don't know about you - but it seems to be the first thing I think about after the breakfast dishes are done.  Sometimes I'll be texting my friend at 5:28pm saying "still no idea".

Sometimes - I envy the days where the decision was made for you.  Meatloaf on Monday, chicken chausser on Tuesday.... right through to the obligatory Sunday roast.  Now I think part of the problem is not so much that we have so much other stuff in our lives (which doesn't help) but also there is SO. MUCH. CHOICE.  Ingredients are easy to get - we can pop to the shop almost at any time.  It sometimes can be overwhelming.

And remember how the family meal was the family meal - and everyone ate everything - whether they liked it or not?? Me neither.  But apparently this happened.

So where does Dollop come in?  I want to help with that decision.  

There are 2 kinds of people -live to eat, eat to live.  Personally - I feel I embody the former!!  My recipes contain carbs, full fat butter and even sometimes sugar!  Our philosophy is everything in moderation - because food is such a pleasure and a part of who we are as family....  With the amount of alternatives for almost everything and anything, I hope you can adapt these ideas to suit you, and how you eat!  

I've added a couple of tools  on my printables page that I hope will help with meal planning (all the meals) and more organised shopping, and where the lunchbox is applicable - getting everyone involved!

Happy Dolloping




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